Tuesday, 20 October 2015

@Phil Candles or no Candles

After I posted my interior shot last night I couldn't help but feel like I was unsatisfied with the colour scheme, maybe it was just because I spent all day staring at it but this morning I tried out some candles and I think it works but I'm unsure because I like both.

1 comment:

  1. I like the candles... I just wonder if you might think about tweaking your depth of field a bit? So that the foreground elements are 'out of focus' a bit more so, so our eyes are really drawn to the detail in the centre: one way of achieving this is simple: duplicate your entire image onto another layer; then 'blur' this top duplicate image, so the whole image is softer and 'out of focus' - then, using the erase tool, rub out the soft-focus version where you want to put the detail back and leave those foreground elements 'out of focus' - essentially, use the erase tool to create the illusion of depth of field and really control what you want us to look at...

    In terms of drama, I think your candle-light colour could be more 'pure' in terms of its accent colour - even more bold :)