Friday, 9 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Main building ideas

After getting feedback from the OGR I decided to try to come up with a main building for Argia. The black and white pencil sketch was inspired by Hallgrímskirja, a church in Reykjavík (Iceland). The second one is meant to be a more detailed version of the stalagmite buildings but I think I like the first one because it sets itself apart from the rest of the buildings. 

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  1. Good stuff - Dee: have you consider an alternate approach - so, as per your lesson with Jordan, create a range of structures that fit with your universe - treat them as silhouettes - and then combine the silhouettes in Photoshop to create your more elaborate 'hero' buildings. Think of it as the Argian's having a design vocabulary - like an alphabet of agreed, logical forms - which, just like letters can be combined to create new permutations, that are nonetheless still understandable as 'Argian'. I honestly believe that you need to stop 'drawing' these forms, and instead change-up your workflow; 1) create the Argian architect's alphabet - don't draw - use lasso tools for example - because the components of the alphabet shouldn't in themselves be complex or 'squiggly' or 'spongey': an example of an existing 'architecture alphabet' would be...

    2) Once you've created your Argian alphabet, start combing them to create a further a '1-10' scale of importance in terms of structures, ranging from the 'most' simple (and general/domestic) to the 'most' complex (unique/special status).

    3) Then start, in terms of building up Argian vistas, start adding your 1-10 scale of structures together in such as way that mimics the basics of city planning - i.e. cities radiating out from the centres of power/wealth/influence etc.

    The key, Dee - is for you to stop seeing this task as 'drawing' - because I think you're a bit stuck 'drawing' the same responses. When this happens, it's time to change-up your approach. Give it a go, and don't over think it - grow your city under your hand :)