Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Invisible Cities - Low Angle Shot Progress (Feedback Please)

This is the shot I've been struggling with the most, but I think my problem was my horizon line was too high. I've lowered it and made the main building further away so the whole structure fits in the shot, I think this is working better than my previous ideas. It has a while to go yet since I need to add more light, add more details to the main building, adding in details for the other structures, finish the glowworms, add lighting to the stalagmites/stalactites and a few other things like blurring the foreground but I figured I'd post a progress image to see if anything major needs changing or if others think it's working well too. I posted two images because I tried moving some of the buildings around to try to make the tower look taller, the second one looks like it has more empty space but I'll fill that in.


  1. I prefer the second image - what I think you need is a different colour. Something that brings out your image slightly.

    1. Yeah that could be it, I only put a gradient map over the image since I haven't finished adding highlights and shadows yet...thanks for the feedback ^_^