Thursday, 1 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Argia Development

I decided to develop Argia a little more so I can get an idea of what the actual buildings would look like. I decided to try to expand on the more blobby looking structures, but by making them into giant stalactite/stalagmite buildings. I'm planning on colour this so I can experiment with the lighting and the colour from the glow worms.


  1. Hey Dee,

    Just popping by to offer up some alternative 'structures' that align with actual rock formations - and which might help ensure that you can move away from lots of 'brown on brown' organicism, which can sometimes create a rather blancmangey final composition - so, in terms of alternate rock formations that are perhaps a little more 'structural', check out...

    Personally, I reckon it would be interesting if you actually take a look at the actual structures of actual rock types - so granite, basalt, sandstone etc - look at the differences between volcanic rock and non-volcanic; the real challenge of Argia is that it can encourage students to draw generic rock formations and rather 'blobby' structures.

    1. Will have a look and do some studies of different types of rocks and structures. This sketch I've started colouring and it is actually mostly blue/teal because of my idea of glow worms and I'm hoping to add more stairs and details like skeletons or carvings in the side of the building for the closer exterior shot then a catacomb-like interior. Will post when I finish colouring this, feedback on it (and anything) always welcome!

  2. I love this large sketch. Taking on Phils advice, I checked out more caves for their formations. St Michaels Cave looks like a good one to reference for crazy structures! Some of the forms in there remind me of the sea somewhat! Or alien shrubbery! Perhaps look up the top ten most magnificent caves or something similar for extra inspiration.