Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Argia Interior Development Close-ups

After finishing the whole image I decided to zoom in on certain parts of my digital painting and cut chunks of the image and paste it into a new document just to see how they look as separate components. I definitely think it looks more painterly than my previous thumbnails, but I like the texture of the brush I used for it. I think it helps make the city feel like it's part of the earth because it looks grainy.


  1. Agreed - but I wonder if there's still more you could do in terms of some of those softer surfaces, in terms of getting a sense of 'pitted' or more granular textures: I'm thinking particularly of some of the larger surfaces on the columns facing us - they just seem a tad too blended to me. I'd also like to see you try some hue/saturation variations, because I wonder if the accent light from the worms could be a bit more dramatic still? I'm excited to see this interior :)

  2. I might play around with adding some sort of carving or pattern into the columns or more of a texture like my buildings in my previous thumbnails like this:

    So sort of like crevices/pockets where maybe candles could be put in? I'll probably do a set of column thumbnails exploring those ideas. I'll try to experiment with more dramatic lighting too ^_^