Thursday, 12 November 2015

@Phil - Rounder Buildings

I went back over my previous building designs and rounded off the sharp corners and also tried to increase the size of the cage openings on the side so they look a little more open and frail. I think they work better, and I like the new designs a lot more than the previous ones. In my opinion they look more like something Deacon would make compared to the previous I think they capture the idea I'm trying to convey more so than the sharper designs.

For the library I think I'm going to avoid having too tall of a building/tower because some of Deacon's sculptures (ex. 'After', 'Restless', and 'What Could Make Me Feel This Way') are more horizontal vs vertical. I also think, based on research, that libraries aren't usually super tall towering structures but I'm going to see how some more silhouettes turn out if these thumbnails are better shapes.

1 comment:

  1. can you do a top view so I can get a sense of their 'foot print'?