Wednesday, 11 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - Library Silhouettes

After making a few buildings I thought it would be a good idea to use them to create some silhouettes to help me design the Library of Denoria, the center of the city. I may go back into these and make them more rounded looking, I'm slightly worried they look a little sinister. I think could be because of all the sharp edges, which resulted just because of what parts of the original building's silhouettes I thought looked interesting. I'm sure once I start turning them into actual forms they'll look less aggressive especially since right now the cage/supports/open parts of the building look flat and plank-like. Again, this may just be my imagination because I'm reminded of forms from my previous project... but this city will have very different ideas, colours, lights, environment, and overall atmosphere. Although I don't want the city to be 100% 'happy', I also don't want it to be an angry place.


  1. I think you're losing 'Deacon-ness' here - these are indeed transforming into the shapes of your previous project - and spikes are always going to signal hostility; look again at some of your more curvaceous thumbnails: I'd 'prohibit' spikes and triangles in your workflow - find another Deacon-inspired alphabet and steer clear!

    1. Yeah I thought so...I have more ideas now after making these that should be more curves and circles vs spines and triangles. Hopefully they work better, I'll see once I make them.