Monday, 30 November 2015

@Simon - Window Frame UV's

I've been trying to model and UV these window frames, I tried making one and just doing the UVs then duplicating but I need to change the size so it gets all distorted. However, when I try to UV them after they are modeled in place it doesn't like being unfolded and goes all weird whenever I try so I need to do it with the automatic projection then slowly cut and stitch the pieces back together. This is taking a lot of time because I've needed to do it for each window so I was wondering if there was a way I could texture the frames on instead of model them?  I'm not sure how I'd figure out where the windows were if I did that or if it'd make it look too flat...but surely there must be a better way since I'll need to do the same thing with the frames on the other buildings? The oval windows themselves I'm going to use a shader to make look like glass. I'm just concerned because it's been taking me ages just to model one (technically two) buildings.

What the window frame UV's look once I finally cut and stitch them back together.

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