Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - Denoira Updated

I've reduced the saturation of the ground, trees and sky which I think really helped my concept painting (thank you for that feedback). I've also finished adding some warm highlights to the windows and planks, I've added some extra shadows to the planks too. I've also added a few more sun rays and I decided to add some more blurry trees in the distance (after decreasing the height of the trees even more), which I think really helps add depth. I've included a gif of the buildup but also a gif to show how my original painting progressed into this one because I thought it was a pretty significant change and I thought it looked interesting.

Final Concept Painting Buildup
Different stages/versions of the painting.


  1. don't beat me up, but there is one more thing you need to deal with in order to sign this off; you need to look at the scale of the leaf fall on the ground - it's all still much to big, reading to the eye as big singular pieces that are still shrinking your buildings. That leaf fall would barely be visible to the human eye... one last push! :)

  2. I think maybe adding a few pieces of street furniture or something to the middle of the painting may help improve this even more? because personally I'm drawn to the center of all these buildings and it feels a bit empty to me, that could well be what for you aiming I don't know. Looks really good though! :)