Monday, 16 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - Composition Digital Painting + Another Angle in Maya

After saving some rendered images from Maya, I painted over them to try and get an idea of the composition I'd like for my final concept. Since Deacon's work "needs space to flourish", I didn't want things to feel too cluttered together. I'm considering adding some street furniture or even some trees within the city, but again I don't want things to seem to cramped (but I'll experiment). I'm going to continue rearranging the models I made in Maya to continue to explore what possibilities I have for the camera angle. Also, I know some of the perspective (especially with the loops/rings on the buildings) is off, but I plan on fixing this as I develop more resolved paintings.

Although I want the city to be in a forest, I might play around with the height of the trees in the background. I'd like the trees to be bigger than the buildings, almost like it was in a mystical forest where the trees are huge (unless there are trees scattered within the city, which would be smaller) even in comparison to the city's structures but I'm not sure if that dwarfs the buildings and makes them feel like houses.

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