Thursday, 5 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - OGR Part 1


  1. OGR 05/11/2015

    Hi Dee,

    I'm impressed to see this in-situ after your difficult week. I do hope you have found some time to think, reflect and be in the moment. I also hope you've caught up with some sleep now!

    I enjoyed your travelogue. I recall your earlier association with Deacon's structures and his anorexia, and I got a sense of that combination of control, perfection and self-doubt thrumming at the heart of your city. It is a city of contradictions - and rather melancholy one at that. I like too the idea that it should be a library that sits at the centre of this metropolis; it's often true of introverts after all that they are very well read, but aren't comfortable giving their knowledge away. This tension seems to describe your city. Can I assume that the library might be shaping up to be your 'hero prop', in so much as it might the asset around which the rest of your digital set will gather?

    Your thumbnails are very striking, Dee - I particularly like the set from 33 - 38; there's a convincing sense of architecture about some of those - as opposed to just 'sculptures writ large'. In an earlier comment, I suggested how you might further rationalise some of your forms, perhaps using different toolsets; I'm keen that your various buildings have that credible sense of the 'built environment' as opposed to simply being upscaled Deacon works.

    I look forward to seeing you move now towards more resolved concept art paintings as you seek to identify the composition and camera view of your final digital set.

  2. Hi Phil, I worked very hard to get this completed on time. I tried to do most of it while I was traveling, it was a good distraction. This said, I admit I've suddenly hit a wall when it comes to feeling inspired/motivated but I intend to work through it, I'll try out Adobe Illustrator to make some thumbnails soon. I was quite worried about my thumbnails looking too different from Deacon's work, but so far I think thumbnails 34, 70, 72 and 94 are my favourites (I think I'll focus on developing something from 34 because most people seem to like that one a lot too so I think that one works quite well). I've tried to keep up with everything, as I said before I'm going to try to find time to review Edward Scissorhands since I rewatched it on the plane but I just want to be sure that if I don't get to on time that I won't loose points or anything like that. If I will, I'll push more to get it's just been difficult because internet where I've been has been patchy so finding reviews for quotes is a bit of a struggle. Thanks for the useful feedback, the library is definitely intended to be my hero prop at the moment.