Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - Denoria Progress

So I think this is nearing completion now, I feel as though it just needs extra highlights and shadows on the buildings (especially around the planks) and touch ups. I've changed all of the windows, although I haven't finished adding the lights to them yet. I've added some subtle green onto the ground and I've also added a dirt path that's somewhat hidden under the leaves to help with perspective and to lead to the library. I've also shrunk the trees more and I've experimented with some clouds in the sky but I find that (in my opinion) it makes it look too stormy/fiery/aggressive when I want it to be more serene (maybe less red in the sky will help with this too). But I'm unsure because I quite like both so opinions on which is working better would be helpful.

Planks added, green on the ground, windows finished. Before tree-line size reduced and path.

With cloudy sky
Without clouds. With path and smaller trees.


  1. I like 2 and 3 the best, in the first there is a lot of noise on the ground so it is a little hard to read the scene, the main assets should be your buildings. I love the color scheme it just that the oranges/browns have a little to much kick to them, its the contrast that does it maybe give the trees, floor and sky a little less kick but you definitely get you message of the scene across. It's really cool though!

    1. 1 was before I made adjustments so I'm happy you liked 2 and 3 more! 2 and 3 I added a more defined dirt pathway (so I removed some of the leaves). I'll play around with hue/sautration/contrast a bit to make it a little less extreme to see how it looks. Thanks for the feedback, really helpful! ^_^