Saturday, 21 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - OGR 2

I haven't finished my new concept painting but I thought it'd be a good idea to post my OGR with everything I have so I can get feedback. I still need to make adjustments such as refining the sky and finishing adding the wooden planks.

 For some reason, no matter how many sizes, colours, or file types...every time I try to upload my OGR PDF to Scribd it comes out weird and in low quality. It also is only letting me upload if I drag it into the browser, it isn't letting me select the specific document so maybe the website is just having issues. I've been trying for the last hour with no success so instead I've uploaded everything to my blog so it's easier to see. I'll try re-uploading it later in hopes it's just the website being odd.


  1. OGR 21/11/2015

    Morning Dee,

    Well done on getting this up and looking as resolved as it is. I think all the changes you're making currently to your original vision are helping in terms of bring further credibility to your scene. In terms of the orthodox pipeline, I know that things are a bit switched about because you've been using Maya objects from which to create your orthographs, which rather defeats the object of creating the orthographs in the first place (i.e. as blueprints from which a person is expected to translate 2D plans into 3D objects). As with all creative processes, there are multiple ways to make work successfully, but just be aware that your orthographs are essentially 'decorative' as opposed to truly functional. A different project would require a different methodology.

    In terms of design, I think those bubble windows and doors need to be resolved still further as architectural elements - the way they meet with the surface of the buildings, their scale (for example, your doorways are all very tiny and 'un-entrance like' and some of those windows are enormous). While the addition of the plank detailing is instantly giving these structures more interest (and helping to define their curving form more so) I still think the scale is off. The 'planks' are shrinking your objects again; look again at this reference, and the relationship of the cladding to the size of the people and the doorway etc:

    You need to get the size of these buildings fixed more firmly in your head: if your library is about this size...

    then you'll soon see how reduced your buildings appear in comparison. Ask yourself this - 'how big is my library?'

    In general terms, you're in a strong position to move into production, so the advice above is really about your approach to modelling detail and texture painting, because further clarity re. scale will help you engage with these processes effectively and knowledgeably.

  2. Thanks for the feedback...I was thinking about that while making the orthographs that I probably shouldn't have done so much in maya first. However, I did change quite a few things in my orthographs such as the cage/pipes to go into the buildings in a smoother way (if that makes sense) and I tried to make the buildings look less lumpy in general. While I found using Maya useful, I do think I spent too much time working in that when it would've probably been more beneficial and helpful if I moved back to thumbnailing, I think I had a lack of confidence in my ability to draw my structures. Luckily I think I've learned how to use Maya, Illustrator and other software to help me but next time I want to be more careful where how much time I spend doing things like that.

    I'll play around with the size of the planks, I admit I only just put them on to get the idea across for my OGR with what I was planning to do. I'll also try to fix the scale of my window and doorways. I also think I'm going to make the windows more transparent so they appear more glass-like...sort of like this:,1256987840,4/stock-photo-bubble-windows-39927748.jpg

    only still with some lights coming from the inside. Overall I'm a lot happier with how it looks and my ideas for it, I'm hoping to get a final painting done quickly but I'm going to do some research first. I'm sorry again for my OGR being somewhat late...and sorry that it uploaded strangely I'm not sure what happened to it.