Thursday, 19 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - Denoria Concept Art

To me, this concept art is finished although if I notice any mistakes I will fix them. I'm really happy how it came out considering I found it difficult to achieve what I pictured in my head and kept getting frustrated. Photoshop not allowing me to use it until I updated it, then refusing to let me update it also set me back and made me a bit flustered but it's done and I think I achieved what I wanted to portray about my city. Feedback welcome.

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  1. Hi Dee - for me, 2 things: I think there is an issue of scale here: either your trees are absolutely huge, or your buildings are the size of sheds/domestic houses. If you look at the size of the leaf fall in the foreground next to the structure, you'll see that it means that structure is no bigger than the average family car. I think you need to super-size your structures (the big one is an enormous library, right) and in order to do that, you've got to shrink everything else - and that includes the actual brush marks comprising the surface of the buildings. The second thing is the pinkishness o fthe structures is making them appear 'less' appealing somehow - as if they're organisms, as opposed to organic. What are they made of, Dee? At this sort of scale, those surfaces would be comprised from sections or plates or cladding, something more like this:

    and in regard to those doors and windows - how are they fabricated - like this?

    Compositionally this is really working, but I think you may have lost sight of the 'city' factor; somehow this has all become rather 'lawn sized' in terms of these elements. What do you think?