Wednesday, 25 November 2015

@Phil - Smaller leaves and possible street lamps

I reduced the leaves on the ground and I think they look better. I also tried adding in some street lamps, I've tried multiple ways of arranging them but I think I like it better without so there's more space. That might just be because in my head the city/buildings are meant to be relatively bare and spaced out because of Deacon's work and how each sculpture needs its own I'm unsure. I didn't feel like it was adding much (I know they aren't super detailed but it was just a test) and if anything felt like a distraction (from my point of view at least). Opinions? I'm quite happy with how it is without the lamps. Also if I still need to make the leaves smaller let me know, I didn't want to make them too small because I still want them to be recognizable.

Smaller Leaves 
Street lamps