Sunday, 30 April 2017

Adaptation B: Lighting & Soundscape Influences

I've now imported all of the models I want into one scene and set up lights for each one. This took me a while because each one is a unique shape, so I needed different lights for each model or else not all of them would come out the way I wanted. I also want them to each light up individually, so I figured it'd be best to set up lights and connect them to their corresponding model. Some of them were more difficult to light than the others, the ones where I had animated the joints and the arms/legs are stretched tend to be the most difficult. Those models I also had to remodel slightly as sometimes an arm or a leg would be beneath the floor. However, I'm liking how they are looking now.

I may rearrange them a little bit more, but I kind of like how they are set up the way that they are. I'm concerned about the render time but I won't know exactly what is going on until I render it on something other than my laptop. I think now I can do some playblasts for an opening scene where the camera moves around and the models light up one by one, then I can start doing some playblasts of close-ups. Hopefully from now on I won't need to move around the lights too much.

I also had a look at some different soundtracks/soundscapes from games, TV shows, and films that I liked because they made me feel uneasy. I figured listening to these tracks would help me get a feel for what sort of sounds I may go for in my sound design using the sound clips I plugged into my models to make the audience feel anxious. Out of all of these, the titles of the TV series 'Outcast' stands out to always made me feel uneasy (especially around 00:42-00:52).

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