Thursday, 18 January 2018

Major Project: Gem Spike Animation Test #2 & Motion Blur Tests

After my previous test I wanted to try animating the scale of the sphere as well so it doesn't appear to shrink as the spikes grow. Unfortunately, I forgot to adjust the animation curves so the scale animation was linear (since the height attribute animation was linear) so there's a bit of a stutter. Other than that I think it's come out alright, I think the object's volume stays more consistent (excluding the error in the scale animation), but I may experiment with it shrinking or growing rapidly as well because that may make the object seem more volatile. For this test I also turned off the transparency so it didn't take as long to render out since I knew what the actual texture looked like on the object.

No Motion Blur

Shutter Angle 180

Shutter Angle 220

I also experimented with adding some motion blur in After Effects. I've done this in the past and I much prefer adding motion blur in post rather than in Maya because I have the freedom to adjust it or remove it if I want to. There wasn't much to see in this example since there isn't tons of fast movement, but I tried the default motion blur which has a shutter angle of 180 as well as increasing the shutter angle to 220 (as well as the shutter samples and vector detail). I'll begin adding and testing motion blur with my experiments from now on, especially if it has more movement.

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