Thursday, 18 January 2018

Major Project: Maya Camera Distortion Tests & Focal Length Animation Tests

I wanted to play around with some of settings on the camera within Maya 2018/Arnold because I think that adding some distortion this way could be interesting. I initially played around with the different camera types such as perspective (default), fisheye, spherical, and cylindrical. I also played around with some other settings such as the FOV, focal length, aspect ratio, and lens squeeze ratio.

Default Perspective Camera
Perspective Cam - Aspect Ratio 10
Perspective Cam - Aspect Ratio 4.65
Perspective Cam - Aspect Ratio 10, Squeeze 3
Perspective Cam - Focal Length 2.5
Fisheye Cam - Not Cropped
Fisheye Cam - Cropped
Fisheye Cam - FOV 120
Fisheye Cam - FOV 150
Cylindrical Cam
Spherical Cam
Orthographic Cam

I then made two animation tests using the focal length. One animation I animated the focal length from 35 to 2.5 while the other animation test the focal length is at 2.5 but I moved the sphere and camera around. I found these tests quite interesting and I wonder what else I could do to the camera to give some other interesting results.


  1. Have you though about a 'contra-zoom' shot too? Keeping the object in the same position/size by animating the position of the camera and changing the focal length at the same time.

    1. Next time I play with the cameras I'll give that a try :)