Monday, 29 January 2018

Major Project: Meat 001-010

In addition to working on some sugar textures, I began working on meat textures. I found some interesting photos online (of rotting wood or mold I think) and I edited it in Photoshop to make it red and look more like meat. I created two red versions, one for the SubSurface Color and the other for the Radius. I also created a brown version because I wanted to try out a few 'diseased' looking textures since the line of the poem is 'When I see meat I see disease'. I though it would be interesting to see the meat go from a more 'healthy' red colour (although still intended to be gross looking) to an unhealthy brown, sickly colour.

I really enjoyed these tests, I did find that having the height and iterations low for the subdivision worked better for this texture. I found that the brown version needed a higher scale value for me to be happy with it... I'm interested to see how these would look morphing into each other.

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