Sunday, 15 January 2017

Adaptation A: Conventions of Infographics & General Plan

After receiving feedback for my 10 ideas, I am going to try and move quickly to block out an idea for my project. So far I'm preferring the Frankenstein idea because that is completely fictional while there are people in real life who practice magic using voodoo dolls and I also think the Frankenstein idea would allow me to be more flexible in general. However, if I am unable to come up with a basic structure/script/facts within the next few days for this idea I might quickly revert to one of my more realistic ideas to ensure I can finish the project in time without overcomplicating things necessarily.

I decided to look at some infographics and read about them so I can try to build some sort of reality around my fictional 'Build a DIY Frankenstein' idea. The infographic should be short and sweet without loads of text and more pictures than text. Transitions, font and colours are all important. I noticed that most infographics have a specific colour palette that is consistent through the animation or image and the transitions are usually similar which lets them flow better. Depending on the infographic, some will include statistics, charts, and percentages, or steps to present their animation.

For my idea, I think using 'steps' would be best since it is about creating/building something and if I want it short and sweet having too many random statistics will be useless in a 'how to build' infographic. For example I could have a step for collecting body parts and maybe statistics to show where people acquire them in a chart that includes things such as organ donors, graves, or other. Another example is I could have a step for 'creating life's spark' and have statistics on what people use such as thunder storms, a bathtub with a toaster, or some other method.

Cinnamon Rolls
The style for infographics is often simple which I think would be important because if this infographic was too realistic looking it'd be a bit too morbid and not as much of a parody and it would distract too much from the information being given. Most infographics often also have rather cheery music which would contrast with the style if I made things too dark and morbid so I think a simple style is needed for this. In my head the 'build a DIY Frankenstein' will be similar to the infographic about the Cinnamon Roll (above) and 'How to cook the perfect breakfast' below. It'd have steps vs. percentages for the most part and will be a 'recipe'.  I'll work on having a rough list of different options for steps/facts by tomorrow evening. 

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