Sunday, 29 January 2017

Adaptation A: Needle/Thread Thumbnails & Periodic Table of Elements

I've begun to make some assets for my infographic. I wanted to see what different types of needle shapes may work best considering it's meant to be used for sewing together body parts. I looked at some surgical needles but I've also drawn more straight needles just to experiment. I've also made my own Periodic Table of Elements so it fit with the rest of the fonts/designs. Since my main font does not contain numbers, I've been using a different font for the numbers that I think still matches reasonably well. My main font also does not really have lower case letters, so I decided to look at how the table would look with both my main font and the font I've been using for numbers. I quite like both but I think I prefer the one using my main font even if the lower case letters is just a slightly smaller version of the upper case letters.

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