Saturday, 14 January 2017

Adaptation B: Virtual Reality Research I

I decided to have a quick look at how to render things in Maya for VR and 360 videos. I've discovered a few plug-ins that may be helpful for me and I have to look into them further to see if they cost anything or not. Some tutorials use Maya 2017 but from some searches I've done it appears it'd work in 2016 too but I'll look further into that just to be sure. Unfortunately I've also discovered that Vimeo would not support a 360 video but Youtube does which is a shame but this may change in the future anyway. I'm going to look closer at these links/videos, search for some more, and look into the different plug-ins. I've also included a few 360/VR videos and animations that I have found. If anyone has any information or anything in regards to making a VR animation in Maya please let me know, I'd appreciate it.


  1. Found this free plug-in that might be useful, apparently it's used quite a lot for VR projects:

    1. Yeah that one was mentioned in a few of the tutorials and things that I've found, I'll have a look at it...thank you! ^_^