Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Adaptation B: Thumbnails & Brainstorming III

After watching the animation Ego, I wanted to brainstorm and see what sort of real life locations I could possibly start my story/animation in. Out of my ideas I feel like I'm preferring a bedroom simply because it's a place that is normally a place of comfort and security. I feel that it suddenly turning into this unwelcoming trap or mental space could be interesting, something to show how some people feel so trapped in their own security if that makes sense. I felt that bathrooms were too common in the horror genre, and a hospital room may not have as much impact because it's already a relatively cold, scary location for many people. Again, these are just early ideas and I'm going to continue exploring.

I've watched some tutorials in VR/AR/MR on and I've learned some things that I think will be useful because I wouldn't have considered them immediately such as ensuring things are at real life scale, the height of the character and the width of doorways to feel like the viewer has shoulder/head space that feels real. I'm also considering looking more into a 180° animation vs a 360° animation simply because I'm not sure if I'd be able to lock the viewer into place so they could see what was going on, but I'm also not sure if this would matter or if there were other ways of ensuring the viewer is looking at things at the right time. I'm not sure if using VR to have a sort of first person experience without turning your head would be enhanced by VR that much or if there is a way to at least limit how far the viewer can turn.. Alternatively I could see if I could learn how to make events so they happen when they are looked at but I'm not quite sure how to do this, but I have time to consider options as I develop my idea, I may be overthinking it.

I've also done a few more really rough sketches of the creature, I'm enjoying drawing it loosely at the moment, just to see what elements of it I like. For example, do I want it to have legs, do I want it to be more of a phantom without legs, do I want it to have more animal-like legs than human ones, do I want it hunched over, do I want it to have horns or sharp teeth...all things that I'm exploring. I've also tried incorporating some spider-like qualities to it as I'm terrified of spiders and I wanted to see what would happen.

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  1. #1, YES. You've got something there. I think maybe the head shape, regardless. Good stuff.