Wednesday, 18 January 2017

@Phil - Critical Perspectives: Proposal Piñata

I tried listing a bunch of different things I was interested in then mashing together a few I thought worked together. The combinations that are starred are the ones I currently prefer...I think some of the ones out of those that have the most potential is Horror + Feminism and Black Mirror & Social Media. I feel that Doctor Who + Identity would be interesting although I'm not sure if 'identity' is the correct word for it, I couldn't figure out another word to match what I meant. 


  1. Okay - well, Horror & Feminism is fascinating - especially if you move through/past the idea of horror as a genre that only 'kills' and objectifies women - but instead allows them more transgressive roles: some really key books you might want to get your head into:

    The Monstrous-Feminine - Barbara Creed
    The Dread Of Difference / Gender & The Horror Film / edited by Barry Keith Grant

    This might seem a bit self-referring, but you might be interested in this written by some bloke once on the internet....

    (it might help you see to focus on specific types of female representation and horror, as opposed to 'all women' - so 'the witch' or 'the vagina dentata' or 'the monstrous womb' etc. Personally, I think the 'final girl' aspect is the least provocative - but not to be dismissed either!)

    Great post by the way - getting it out there :)

    1. Thanks! That's very helpful. The idea of Horror & Feminism came from my other idea of Underworld and Feminism because in Underworld, the main character is always a strong female so I was thinking of what other films in the genre that were strong and how they differ from other films where they are either damsels or evil in some way. Thank you for the link, I'll give it a read and have a look at those books ^_^

  2. Hope you don't mind...