Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Adaptation A: Ending Ideas & Initial Sketches

After my tutorial I decided to look more into what the ending for my infographic would be. I also did more research about the original Frankenstein story. I feel as though the best option would be 'being a responsible creator' and making sure that your monster is well integrated and is accepted or else it may turn ugly. This is because the original Frankenstein was actually emotional, sensitive and articulate and the only thing that made the monster truly angry was the fact that no one, including his creator, accepted him (hence why the monster doesn't have a name. Perhaps I could even have the final step be 'make sure to name your monster' or have that be part of it. 

I also thought a bit about what I want it to look like and I think I'm going to go for the old silent horror movie style. This will make the selection of music and sound effects even more important as there wouldn't be a voiceover I don't think, but my idea may change still. I also was originally going to try to design a very unique monster but considering the short amount of time to do this project I think I may go for the more typical Frankenstein monster design but this may change as I make drawings.

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