Thursday, 12 January 2017

CG Toolkit Submission: Film Reviews, Maya Tutorials, & Animation Classes (2016/2017 -Term 1)

Film Reviews:

Maya Class:

Maya Tutorials:
Stylisation Techniques

Pipeline 3 - 2D Character Rigging

Pipeline 1 - Head Modelling

Pipeline 1 - Body Modelling

Reflective Statement

The CG Toolkit for this first term has been a challenge but also very enjoyable. Last year I enjoyed writing film reviews, but I enjoyed it even more so this time because I got to choose which films I got to write about. I found I was able to write for a very long time and I found it enjoyable and relaxing because I enjoy writing so I was happy I had the chance to watch films that I already liked or was interested in and haven't gotten the chance to watch before. I also found many of the films we watched during the lessons interesting since the majority of them I haven't seen before but have heard about. Some were films that I had already watched and loved, such as Mad Max. I found that due to these lectures and picking apart these films, I can recognise things we learned about such as the narrative structure, the hero's journey, exploitation, archetypes, and so on in films that I watch in my own time. I feel it will enhance my storytelling ability in the future.

The animation lessons I found very helpful and has helped me appreciate how complex and detailed animation could/should be in order to produce a high quality, realistic animation. It showed me how important good animation is and how little details can really improve the movements. I have recognised that animation is not my strongest skill, but I hope that these lessons will help me improve but I know that I need to take it upon myself to do try my best and ask questions so I can learn more. I happy how my lip sync turned out, I was very surprised to see how tiny little details (similar to the comments above) make or break the animation such as the eye movements, blinks, and tongue movements.

For the most part I really enjoyed the Maya Tutorials for this term. The 2D Character Rigging tutorials was a critical part of me and my group being able to make our Pikatti animation for the narrative project so that was incredibly useful for me even though I'd like to avoid using that method of animating in Maya in the future. I also feel that the Isometric Camera and the Poma were very helpful to give me ideas for different techniques to possibly use in the future. The Head Modelling Tutorial was a real challenge, but as I want to possibly go into 3D modelling in the future I found it important for me to take my time and to ensure that I absorbed the information in the videos. I am happy with how my head turned out although I feel like some parts such as the eyelids could still be improved on. I found the Body Modelling Tutorials easier than the head, but I still spent time trying to model on my own in an attempt to learn more about the modelling process. Overall, I'm happy how the whole model turned out once I pieced them together.

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