Saturday, 21 January 2017

Adaptation B: Rough Story Idea & More Influences

Today I decided to try and start writing down things that frighten me (which will be posted in the next few days) so I could try to incorporate them into my sketches to make them more interesting. While doing this, I thought of a very rough idea for a story. Again, this is very rough and it has flaws obviously, it's just an idea that popped into my head as I was brainstorming but I thought I'd type it out and share it so I didn't forget...but it's something. I'm trying to not think 'oh well how would I do that in Maya' just yet since I know the end result will be something completely different. I hope to come up with more ideas soon. I've also found some more images and videos that I feel may relate to my project in terms of visuals, sound, and themes. 


  1. Ego

    1. Thank you! I found it very interesting, I liked it and I think/hope I'm more clear on what you meant now. I'll give it a few more watches and maybe brainstorm some ideas related to it in hopes I'm on the right track