Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation A: Initial 10 Ideas

How to build a DIY...

1.) Birdhouse
2.) Haunted House
3.) Halloween Costume
4.) Terrarium
5.) Compass
6.) Snow Globe
7.) Projector
8.) Frankenstein Monster
9.) Voodoo Doll
10.) Portal

Out of all of these ideas I feel like 'How to build a DIY Frankenstein Monster' or 'How to build a DIY Voodoo Doll' are the most interesting because I wouldn't need to take a realistic approach to them. For example, for the Frankenstein idea I could actually go through the process of picking out certain body parts for different reasons and suggest 'being creative' and bringing animals back to life or mixing and matching different animals to create different creatures. While the Haunted House, Frankenstein Monster, Voodoo Doll, and Portal ideas have the potential to be crazy and unrealistic (although Haunted House could go either way), the others would be more about real things people could make or do...I wanted to propose a mix of both realistic and unrealistic. 


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  2. Hi Deanna

    Pitch Feedback

    Ok, it seems like you’ve laid out a clear mission statement here, you’re steering away from the realistic and factual to a factual spoof. This is of course within the scope of the project and I believe your skills. However, if you are choosing that direction there are couple of things you need to keep in mind – Firstly all ‘comedy spoofs’ rely on a good foundation, if you can find a structure to hang your comedy on it becomes easier to make. Secondly this type of project relies upon a very good / refined comedy script and you can’t start work until you have that. This is a short project so your script deadline needs to be ‘yesterday’, obviously that’s going to produce a tension between quality and time. Finally, you need to make sure you’re making an infographic not an animated short, this is where knowing the genre conventions are key. The more you know these the more you can spoof them as part of your foundation. In terms of which topic from your list I agree with your choices (given your choice of direction) with perhaps ‘Frankenstein’s Monster and voodoo doll’ getting the top spot.

  3. Note: Genre conventions = Infographics.