Friday, 13 January 2017

Adaptation B: Initial Ideas & Old Artwork

I decided to make a short presentation about my ideas for Adaptation B. It includes a very small selection of artwork from both me and my sister that relate to my idea, as it's something that I've explored for quite a few years now. Again I apologise for the low quality of some of the photos, some of them are from back in 2009 before I really knew how to take photos and before I had a phone with a decent camera in it. Some of the artwork has touches of teenage angst but I hope that it is clear to see how it relates to my ideas for the project even though I've left it slightly vague for now until I can write down my thoughts better. After going through my artwork I've realised that I haven't been producing art relating to this topic in the last year or so...which makes me excited to return to it and explore it some more.

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