Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Adaptation B: Readjusting Ideas

So after a few discussions today I feel like I have a better understanding of what direction to go in for this project. I was slightly confused over the last week but I've been directing most of my focus towards the infographic as that is due in sooner. However, now that I feel like I am on the right track with that, I feel like I'm on a better path with this project too. Basically, my new aim is to create a relatively 'plain' or normal space that slowly begins to become more cramped as these masses begin to appear. These masses will be inspired by my old artwork in relation to mental illness and how it makes an individual feel. I'm aiming to exploit the idea of the uncanny/the abject to give the viewers an uneasy feeling. I also, as I've said previously, feel that soundscape will be vital and I hope to make the objects within my space to also speak using content gathered from various people. 

Note: By "not really about anything" I more so just meant that there does not need to have/should not have a specific definitive ending, leaving it open or looping may give more of an impact and keep people thinking.

I've realised that now I'm not quite sure what I'm actually meant to have for this specific project as I also want to bring this into third year. However, I feel that the use of a combination of software including Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, and programs such as Substance Painter will be useful to create something realistic but also uncanny. I'm not quite sure how I'd animate the objects, but I quite liked the jittery animation of Little Otik (and by 'like' I mean it makes me feel uneasy). I also like some of the things in Agony, a game that I shared in a previous post as I feel the use of fleshy design, teeth, and other unusually organic materials as environments is interesting.

Overall, I'm happier with my direction now than I was, even though I feel it is slightly more blurred between environment and creature design but I'm ok with that. I also feel that this idea will be enhanced by a VR experience through both the visuals and auditory experience, while before I was losing the need for VR as it didn't enhance anything. In this post I'll include a few videos of things I feel inspire me currently along with a few more selected artworks I've done, but more can be found here.

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