Sunday, 8 April 2018

Major Project: Jello Footage

Last night I spent some time recording some of my own footage of jello for the line when I see jello I see vomit. Until now I had been using a video I found on YouTube, but I do not want to steal other people's videos. So, I bought three cups of pre-made jello to create my own video.

Jello 001

I bought one that was red, one that was orange, and one that was green. I knew I was going to break them up and mix them together so I didn't want to make it too dark, hence why I didn't choose something like purple. It felt a bit silly to record these, but looking at the footage now it looks pretty gross to me which is what I was going for. 

Jello 002

I recorded most of these videos in slow motion because I thought it made it appear more gloppy and unappealing. I have several other clips as well that are not in slow motion so I think I have more than enough content for this part of my film. I'm currently using two of my computers to render, so I cannot work on re-filming this clip until tomorrow. I should be able to record my own footage in relation to my grandfather soon as well, then I should have all of the vital live-action shots.

Jello 007

In the meantime I have been gathering some sound clips for my soundscape, although I also want to go to the library at the university to see what I can find there on CDs. I also have been making more progress on my Art Of moving some pages around and cleaning up some of the writing. I need to write pieces for each of my entities which I will begin today as well as work more on my 'Compositing' and 'Live Action' sections. At some point I also need to put together a table of contents, which I can probably do soon as the structure of the Art Of becomes clearer.

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