Saturday, 7 April 2018

Major Project: Flicker 002 Composite & Additional Snowball Renders

Here is the second flicker/flare shot to assist with transitioning between the CG space and live action footage. I'm not that happy with this shot because I accidentally had the camera move too quickly, meaning I had to remap the time in After Effects which looks odd and laggy to me. I'm planning on going back into Maya and fixing this. 

I also decided to migrate my composited shots onto Vimeo to ensure that my footage is as backed-up as possible just in case something happens. There are a few shots that I still want to tweak in the compositing stage, such as 'gem' as I feel the room looks a little too blue in that particular scene.

Flicker 002

I also created a few more renders of my snowball for the purposes of my Art Of. I focused on some closer renders so the finer structures/details were visible to exhibit how the snow appears to have ice crystal-like structures.

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