Thursday, 19 April 2018

Major Project: Rotting / Scars Composites & Room 006 Composite Tweak

Despite having a few minor setbacks over the last couple of days, I have my two new shots for rotting and scars completed. I also finished rendering the room 006 shot so the camera slows down near the end instead of speeding up. Hopefully this change is an improvement, if it still needs some tweaks I can work on it but I think it's better than it was before.

I'm happy with how rotting and scars came out, I'm glad I spent some extra time making the meat entity look extra slimy in this shot since it's meant to induce feelings of disgust and illness. I think the new 'scars' shot is stronger than the room shot I originally had.

Rotting Composite (Pt. 1)

Rotting Composite (Pt. 2)

Scars Composite

Room 006 Composite (V. 2)

Today I also spent some time in the sound booth recording whispers of a range of my negative thoughts, or disordered thoughts as I tend to call them. I also recorded a number of things people tend to say to me that frustrate me. This varies from things people say when they think they are being supportive, general comments that showcase how uneducated most people are in regards to mental illness, or the lack of empathy people have in regards to mental health at times.

In the next few days I should have some Audition tests using these recordings to see how I can create 'whisper soundscapes' to use in conjunction with certain entities. I also hope to have an overall new edit of my film with new shots and other changes in accordance to the feedback I recieved at some point this weekend or early next week.

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  1. Yep - all good stuff and much prefer the way the camera in the room shot sort of slows and settles as opposed to appearing to accelerate. I'm looking forward to those new audio experiments too - well done for returning to the sound booth once more!