Thursday, 5 April 2018

Major Project: Live Action Re-Filming #6

I've started working on a few more pieces of live action footage within Maya for re-filming. As mentioned previously, I've now figured out a better technique to make the screen appear 3D so I've been able to make faster progress relatively consistently.

I do find it more difficult when the footage contains brighter colours as the light quickly bleaches out the screen if I'm not careful. I'm relatively happy with how #23 and #24 look since I want to be sure I feature as many family members within the photos as possible. I may continue playing with this particular shot to see if I can improve it any more and I may remove some of the fragmenting effect so it's not as distorted since it's a more positive portion of my film.



I also worked on one of the airport videos my sister sent me. This shot was a little tricky because of how the camera for the video moves. This is why #26 looks jittery...the camera in Maya is moving in the opposite against the movement in the live-action footage. Luckily I think #25 turned out alright (it is moving from left to right rather than right to left) although I think some vignetting could improve it. I think I may return to this one overall and see if I can improve the lighting without bleaching out the scene.



I also worked on the footage I'm now using for the line when I see other people's bodies I see static. Originally this footage was going to be composited into an orb within my Room, but I agree with feedback that using just static would work to 'interrupt' this particular scene better. This shot is somewhat easier to re-film as it doesn't have a specific focus to it. I did take the static footage into After Effects first and applied a few extra effects to split the colours and add a few more glitch fragments to it. I then brought it into Maya and filmed it like my other shots.


I also am aware that I am working through these quite quickly but I'm trying to get a few versions of each bit of footage so I can create another 'pre-vis' edit of my film. From there I'll be able to see which live-action shots are working and which require more tweaking.

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  1. Yes, I think those new static shots are going feel much more interruptive and hostile now - and the same is true for your live action shots here - I like the jitter of the airport shots - I can imagine the soundscape for this... not nice! (in a good way!)