Monday, 9 April 2018

Major Project: Grandfather Footage

In addition to my jello shot, I needed to rethink what I was going to use for the line in my poem when I see pancakes I see my grandfather. I've been unable to get old home videos that may contain some footage of him and I was aware that the sunset wasn't what I wanted and didn't match with the rest of the film. I recalled, however, that I had a card from my grandfather's funeral that has his photo. I thought it would be a good idea to record this as it is raw and gets the point across the the audience quickly.


Despite how personal these videos are, I did not want to decorate the shots as the whole point of this film is that it is raw. I simply recorded the card in a few different ways, showing the front and back of it as well as zooming out to reveal the card. Out of these clips I like a portion of 001 when the camera is struggling to focus on the card and I also like 005 and 006.


I probably won't add much if any distortion to this shot in After Effects before re-filming in Maya. I also chose to record this in portrait view to add some variation. I also associate portrait dimensions with people and the card itself is that shape so I thought it was suitable.


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