Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Major Project: Live Action Re-Filming #9

For re-filming the live action footage relating to my grandfather, I decided to stick with the video where the camera is out of focus and eventually clears to reveal my grandfather's photo. I have to see how the duration of this shot matches with what I have in my pre-vis at the moment, but if I need to use one of the other clips or change the duration I can. I added slight distortion to the raw video when the camera is out of focus, and that distortion clears as the camera focuses. I think out of these two I prefer #37.



I also return to my last few re-filming scenes so I could add some distortion and glitches onto the jello footage. I ended up re-working #32 and #35 since I liked those the most.

#32 (w/ VFX)

#35 (w/ VFX)

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