Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Maya Lighting & Rendering 2: Mental Ray Part 4 - Physical Sun & Sky

I was going to work on the Mental Ray Part 3: Linear Work Flow tutorial but I realised that it said above the video that it was currently being updated for 2016 so I decided to watch a portion of the video that was a lecture and I stopped the video when work began in Maya. I will obviously return to that tutorial later but in the meantime I decided to continue onto the next tutorial about Mental Ray's Physical Sun & Sky. I thought the results of using this looked nice and I thought it was interesting how the sky's colour adjusted according to where the light was pointed. I'm glad I listened to part of the Linear Work Flow tutorial because otherwise I feel that parts of this tutorial would have confused me due to having to adjust the gamma correction and other colour correction settings, but luckily I think I made sense of it.

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