Monday, 6 March 2017

Adaptation B: Audio Wave Node Test #7 & Converting Images to Sound

Today I had some reassurance/advice for what I was doing for my project and some of my peers suggested some ideas to experiment with. One of these ideas was to convert an image into an audio file, which I found out could be done using Audacity if an image is imported as 'Raw Data'. I read that different types of image files (JPG, PNG, PSD, and so on) will result in different sounding audio clips but I haven't tried that out yet. I used an old piece of artwork I made a few years ago that relates to Anorexia and Body Dysmorphia and imported it into the program as a PSD file. It made a strange sound clip so I used to that to plug into my model's joints again to see how it would mess with the body's shape. I think it has some interesting results and I was able to get some peculiar looking stills. I like the idea that I'm creating sound using my old artwork, so I'll probably continue working with this instead of stock music and perhaps I will use different sound clips to create a soundscape.

Drawing used to create sound.


  1. I really like these, Dee - they're disturbing in an 'honest', non-trope way - I wonder if there might be a way to connect the audio to your theme - for example - if you tried recording 'chewing' or 'swallowing' or (sorry about this) 'retching' - not sure what I'm suggesting here, but I think it could be another way to pull your concept together? It could be something as simple as reading recipes out, or lavish descriptions of food, or even just menus, for example, and then pushing those sounds through your model?

    1. Thanks :) I'd like to create soundscapes since sound or an internal noise/argument is part of it...I like your suggestions of the sounds of chewing or swallowing and I think combining those things with pieces of audio that result from my artwork being converted would be fun. I also enjoy sound design so it's something I was hoping I'd be able to incorporate more into this ^_^

  2. all in all, fascinating and unsettling stuff.