Monday, 27 March 2017

Adaptation B: Motion Blur Test #2

In this test I changed the 'Motion Blur By' setting to 5 instead of 1, so Mental Ray would use more frames to calculate the blur. While this produces an interesting look, I think prefer my previous test. I think the previous one made the animation seem more 'realistic' despite it being an unnatural motion. I think having the blur over this many frames just makes it too muddy and blurred out, I prefer it to be sharper so things can still be seen. However, I keep changing my mind of which one I like more so I'll continue experimenting with it as I try out some other techniques of making skin using the Mila_material. I also want to try out some of the VR methods that I included in my Pitch Reflection post. My current plan is to try and get those bits mostly sorted before Easter so if I have questions or problems I can come into uni and get help. Then, over Easter I can record the sounds that I've started to brainstorm and plug them into my models.