Saturday, 18 March 2017

Adaptation B: Audio Wave Node Test #9 - Sketchfab & VR

Now that I have finished up my Dissertation Proposal, I wanted to return to my Adaptation B project and continue experimenting with the Audio Wave node and making sounds using my old artwork. I took one of my old paintings and saved out 5 different types of file (jpg, png, psd, tga, tiff) so I had different sounds for the same picture. My plan is to create 5 different distorted models using these. So far I have only used one, but I also wanted to try uploading it to Sketchfab. I've set it up so that the model can be viewed in VR now. So, if you have Google Cardboard or something similar, download the Sketchfab VR app and you can view my model in VR...I think I got the scale correct. 

Unfortunately I still have been unable to figure out how to export my model as an FBX with animation attached to it successfully for Sketchfab, so the model doesn't do its animation but I'll figure it out eventually. I plan on putting all 5 models in one scene once they are completed, I'll then upload all of them in one file on Sketchfab to then see how it looks in VR (if it makes people feel uneasy, or what people think of it in general). During my research for my Dissertation Proposal, I found quotes that I felt related to my project so I wanted to share them. 

"The uncanny is that species of frightening that goes back to what was once well known and had long been familiar." - Sigmund Freud, The Uncanny

"E. Jenstsch singles out, 'doubt as two whether an apparently animate object really is alive and, conversely, whether a lifeless object might not perhaps be animate'. In this connection he refers to the impressions made on us by waxwork figures, ingeniously constructed dolls and automata. To these he adds the uncanny effect produced by epileptic fits and manifestations of insanity, because these arouse in the onlooker vague notions of automatic - mechanical - processes that may lie hidden behind the familiar image of a living person."  -Sigmund Freud, The Uncanny

I also spent some time trying to fix some errors that came with this model (which was a free download I found here). I found there were some strange errors in the feet/shin...the feet were parented to the main control instead of the shin. I was able to fix this quickly so now the legs work properly...I'm not sure if the rig was like this to start with (there were keyframes on the joints when I downloaded it) or if something I did messed it up in my original file when I converted it...but it is all sorted now.


  1. coming along interestingly - and as a fan of 'the uncanny' I got a real buzz seeing your dissertation reading feeding into your creative project :D

    1. Thanks ^_^ I found quite a lot of relevant/interesting/useful quotes and information from my dissertation only regret is not writing down the pages those specific quotes were on.