Sunday, 26 March 2017

Adaptation B: Skin Test #1 (misss_fast_skin_maya)

I searched around for some videos on how to make skin in Maya. I found a few tutorials about the misss_fast_skin_maya shader so I thought I'd test it out. I used this tutorial and messed around with some of the settings a bit. I like the results I got, although to me it looks a bit more like plastic than skin but I'm still playing around with it. I also know it could be because my model is quite smooth and it doesn't have many details and no bump or displacement maps so maybe something like that would give it a more realistic skin look (wrinkles, pores). I also could have just had the specularity or lights set up in a way that made the skin more plastic-like but I still think the results are interesting. I'm currently rendering out a video with this shader applied to the model to see what it looks like when it's moving...from my test renders it looks like the skin changes colour depending on its position (because the geometry gets thinner when the model breaks and stretches - so more light shines through and it appears more red) so I'm excited to see how that comes up.


  1. Hi Dee. I'm just about to make the texturing tutorials for Jet Pack Jones and we're going to be using the new Mental Ray shader layer system called the Mila_material. You may want to check that out before you proceed any further. Its a system which contains Sub surface and is very flexible, easier to use, quicker to render,and more physically accurate than the old MISSS. The tutorials may not be fully ready in time for what you're doing right now so you may want to look elsewhere in the meantime or come and see me and I'll show you what to do. It's very quick to set up if you have the right info / steps to follow.