Saturday, 4 March 2017

Rome 2017 - Photos and Drawings

The CAA trip to Rome was an experience that I felt was both enjoyable and challenging. Ever since I took a leap of faith in 2012 and moved out of America not a different state but a whole different country, I realised how important it is to travel and see different parts of the world. Since then, I have visited Paris, Florence and Venice which is something I never imagined I was going to be able to do. I feel very lucky that I was also able to visit Rome with my peers and tutors, even though it was also a personal struggle for me for multiple reasons. Because of this, I feel like I have accomplished a lot...despite my nervousness over certain things I was able to work through them. 

I was able to see landmarks that I never though I'd be able to see - I've felt like most people in the United States often stay within the United States so I never thought I'd have the opportunity to see Rome or Italy at all. Despite some struggles, overall I enjoyed the trip  mostly because of the people I was able to experience the city with. I'm glad that I've now been able to visit the major Italian cities that I really wanted to go see.

While I was at Rome/after I returned, I wanted to do a few sketches. I wasn't able to do much sketching while I was there because the group I was with was often busy exploring the city, so I waited to return to England before completing my drawings. They aren't perfect, but they were made with pen so I wasn't able to fix any errors...I find drawing in pen keeps me from obsessing on drawing for too long since I can't constantly go an erase things.

After my relatively positive experience with Rome, I feel I'd be more open to travelling with people in the future and I hope to visit some other places around the world. 


  1. Great pictures, Dee... and glad that overall, it was a positive experience for you :)