Monday, 20 March 2017

Adaptation B: Audio Wave Node #10 - Animated Joints & Texture + Sketchfab/VR

For this model I used the same image, but a different file type, to create a new piece of audio. I'm definitely finding that I'm getting very similar results, but I'm trying to use different rotations, starting positions, and samples/scale on the audio wave node to add some variation. I think I need to start finding out different ways of driving the model or at least ways of making it more varied. To make it more interesting I wanted to try a different texture with a normal and specular map so I could animate that moving as well using a second Audio Wave Node. I am quite enjoying how the still renders come out. This model can also be viewed in VR using Sketchfab (I put back on the same texture as the previous test for this because the crackle texture came out very low quality looking).

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