Sunday, 2 April 2017

Adaptation B: VR/360 Video Test Using Distorted Models #1

After figuring out how to use Domemaster3D to create VR/360 videos, I wanted to test it out using my models. I quickly went into Audition and broke up the piece of audio I've been using into four sections, so each models movement is different. I then put them in a circle around the centre of the scene and followed the same process as I did in the previous post.

The thing I struggled with was not really knowing how to scale my models or if they would be too far away or too close (in this case I think they were too close). It would be nice to be able to playblast results, I think I saw another file on the same website as Domemaster3D where there may be a way to playblast it so I'll have a look. I might start changing around my models now, so instead all of their body parts being animated in the same way (for example, the foot's translate X or Y being affected, or the shoulder's rotates are being affected) I might swap them around (so some models legs only rotate and maybe the arms translate) so it varies.

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