Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Maya Pipeline 1: Texturing - High & Low Res Modelling for Normal Maps (Part 1)

While working on the Eye Blink tutorial in the Facial Rigging set of videos, I ran into a similar problem I did previously when using Pose Space Deformers. This is only a problem that I have on my laptop, and since I will not have access to my other computer till next week I checked to see if I could progress with some of the Texturing tutorials in the meantime. Luckily I can - so I started this set of tutorials and put the last Facial Rigging ones on hold. This tutorial took me a lot longer than I wanted because Maya was not agreeing with me today and continually crashed or bugged out, but I tried to be sure I saved often. Even though it took longer than I wanted, I got there in the end and I can now progress onto the next texturing tutorial. On the bright side, Maya crashing is allowing me to get some extra practice in when I need to do certain things over again.

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