Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Adaptation B: Lattice Model - Additional Renders

I wanted to do a few renders using one of my lattice models with a ground plain instead of having the figure just hovering in blackness. I wanted slight reflectivity on the floor so I added a mia_material_x shader and applied one of the presets. I then altered the colour, reflectivity, and glossiness so the reflection would be blurred to the degree that I wanted. I really like how these renders turned out, I feel they enhance the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Overall, I feel I much prefer the still images I've made so far in comparison the animated videos of my models. There's something about just looking at the static image of it that gives it the sort of 'silence' or stillness I believe it needs. To me - the rendered images are much more impactful and emotional than the videos.


  1. she just looks so lonely, doesn't she? :(

    1. Yeah she does - that was the aim at least.