Sunday, 23 April 2017

Adaptation B: Group Animation #1 (Initial Render)

I've finished rendering out the render layers containing the different animated models. I've composited them together in After Effects, stretched the time slightly so their movements could be seen better, and I added a bit of motion blur and film grain for this initial video. Each model can be moved around independently and I could add different effects to each one. At the moment, they all animate at the same time but I'd like to play around with this so maybe one in the background moves briefly, then one in the front twitches, then another one does...all separately at random times. I also think it may be interesting to go back and edit some audio then do a render of all the models animating (both together and at separate times), only stacked on top of each other like how they are in these still renders. This is only an initial animation as I wanted to share what I've been doing and I will hopefully soon be posting some more videos with more variations to it.

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