Thursday, 6 April 2017

Adaptation B: Body Variations #2

As I experimented with more variations in my models, I decided to make a new Audio Wave Node and attach the output to a Multiply Divide Node. I used this to change the output from positive numbers to negative ones to see how it'd change the model. I tried multiplying using different values (-2, -1, -0.5) so I could choose between them when connecting them to my model. I did this so when I used things like translate, I could prevent the body part from going too far away. I also used it to exaggerate some animations (mostly rotate). I combined both the original Audio Wave node and the one connected to the Multiple Divide Node into this variation of my model.


  1. Another set of fascinating models... just a thought - are you able to create distortions that 'bloat' the model too - so these are all body distortions drawing attention to joints and splintering - all good and all on message, but is there an argument for adding in some swollen, obese versions, and if so, can you use the same process to effect this model in this desired way?

    1. I could animate the scale on the joints themselves or I can try a lattice or a few different options in the distort menu...I'll play around with it :)