Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Adaptation B: Body Variation #6 & Animation (Lattice)

Since I liked the results I got using the Lattice, I decided to go back and try changing around different numbers into the Multiply Divide node to see what different results I could get. It seems that it easily can pop into deformation that is way too extreme. I also decided to hook up the Translate Y of some of the clusters (excluding the head and feet) so it further changes the proportions of the model such as sometimes she has slightly longer legs or a shorter torso. These are only very small movements but I like what it adds to the animation.

I think I might try adding more divisions to the lattice next, and I also may add more models to the scene and move around the audio clips to different clusters. I also think adding some models in the background and using a blurring effect/depth of field on the ones far away could give an interesting atmosphere to the animation, especially if I choose to turn it into a VR animation later but I want to do some tests with it first.

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