Monday, 24 April 2017

Maya Pipeline 1: Texturing - Body Base Colours (Part 4)

This tutorial began the process of adding colours to the model. First, the UV's were updated and exported because of how they changed while creating the normal maps and the gold texture from the buttons/belt buckle were added to the ear pieces. Some extra nodes were added into the shaders such as Ambient Occlusion and a series of nodes that gives the character very subtle rim light. In Photoshop, some base colours were added to the torso, trousers, and boots. I did notice that 'Refine Edge' was not in my must have been removed in an update but the 'Select and Mask' option was there instead. It worked the same, the window just looked slightly different. I like how it's starting to look with the colours, it's much more exciting to look than the grey model.

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